We encourage you to check out this short video to see how you can be a member of this elite group!

A New Opportunity Calling Your Name

 One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) is committed to bringing in the right talent, right people to be part of our family – and we do mean family.

Not only are we looking for individuals with a strong work ethic, who are committed and goal-centered, we’re seeking fellow family members who want the following:

A Place to Call “Home”. If you like the “home-town” feel, where everyone knows you, helps you out, has your back and you feel like you’re among friends…. Then you should be at One Way.

Financial Security.  If making a good wage, strong benefits, and financial security are important to you, where our first year employee can make up to $55K (with overtime) …. Then you should be at One Way.

Flexible & Compassionate to your Personal Needs.  If you like to work for a high-achieving group who ALSO is flexible and compassionate with your personal needs ….Then you should be at One Way.

Career Paths Available to Match Your Goals.  Whether you are thinking short-term or see yourself as a well-revered long term employee, you will respect and appreciate our highly regarded mentoring program where we match you up with a mentor/friend who can show you how to improve and grow within our organization …. Then you should be at One Way.

Available Training for Future Employability.  We realize One way may not be your stopping point.  Our training and our crews are set-up for our employees to learn as much as they can in the classroom and on the job (when national standards are 3 days of training, One Way provides 5).  If you want a job that helps you be employable down the road in a high-demand industry…. Then you should be at One Way.

Now for the additional and base requirements for One Way employment consideration:

  • Open and willing to learn to work at extreme elevations

  • Willing to or enjoy working outdoors in various weather conditions

  • Driving record acceptable to our insurance carrier

  • Ability to pass pre-employment and random substance abuse testing

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TestimonialS from SOME OF OUR employees…

“One Way believes in me first as a person and second as a value employee.  My work environment puts me in a position to serve our customers to the best of my ability.”

-  B.D., Tower Foreman


“My first love is farming.  The long hours and hard work have always given me great satisfaction.

My second love is being a carpenter.  There’s something about building things, tearing things apart and rebuilding it again.  Additionally, building from scratch also brings great accomplishment and satisfaction when you see it functioning as it should (or even better than before) when you are done building.

As I reflect on these two loves of my life, I realize that BOTH relate closely to the wireless construction I am fortunate to be a part of.

Working for One Way Wireless Construction, for the last 22 years, has given me the rewarding career that I had hoped for to do the things I love doing.  Anyone with a good work ethic and a “see what needs to be done and simply does it” mindset will be successful at One Way.”

- G.L., project manager

"They saw potential in me when no other company could. This is the best job I've ever had."

 - T.P., Tower Technician


"Great people, superior craftsmanship and overall a progressive company with so much career advancement potential.  The culture is fun, friendly. One Way Wireless Construction is passionate about leading the industry in providing quality services at a one-stop shop for all your cellular wireless construction needs. I enjoyed working there!”

 - Q.N., Tower Technician