Our Process

With a team built and prepared to see a project through from beginning to end, the right way is our cornerstone to who we are.  You can’t get to the top of the tower, to the end of the project, without working through the details. Our process is done with industry certainty, intelligence and quality throughout - from inception, real estate/site acquisition, testing, implementation and installation.  Proper planning is a way of life. One Way’s turn-key approach has our customers covered.



From the initial call, One Way has the right people with the experience and know-how on the other end.  Our experience and history have proven that we are the right partner for our customers. If we need to meet to discuss, we’re there with our key players and ready to have a plan in place by the time we leave the meeting.


Putting the Project into Action

Calling on our various team members and the expertise within  our own “family” has a customer feeling confident they called on One Way.  The one-stop-shop for getting a project done, on time, efficiently and with the highest standards of service, safety and accountability has made us a leading source in the telecommunications industry.

Whether it be tower construction, tower modifications, maintenance, electrical, civil and restoration services, welding , integration, DAS,  or safety – we have our customers covered.

Completion and Project Close Out

Our experienced closeout staff provides many deliverable items to our customers. From photo documentation to RF and fiber testing reports to customer required forms, we do it all. Closeouts provide the verification that our work has met the specifications of the scope of work performed.

We take pride in the end product we provide to our customers. It is a constantly evolving process that demands accuracy, professionalism, and consistency. No two closeouts are the same, just as no two sites are the same.


A sampling of companies we are proud to call customers.

Below is a list of current and past customers. We’ve been fortunate to have worked in MN, MI, MS, WI, ND, SD, IA, NE, MO, IN, KS, and OK.

  • Verizon Wireless

  • One Fiber/ Verizon Business

  • T-Mobile

  • AT&T

  • Sprint

  • US Cellular

  • SAC

  • Light Squared

  • WAM 360

  • MP Nexlevel

  • FDH Velocitel


  • GPD

  • Crown Castle

  • American Tower (ATC)

  • SBA

  • Eco-Site

  • Verticle Bridge

  • Next Edge

  • Edge Connect

  • Ryan Construction

  • Collins Electric

  • On Air Solutions

  • Black & Veach

  • Overland Contracting

  • Pierson Wireless

  • Clearwire

  • TTMI

  • Aviant

  • M2M


Brands of Equipment

Below is a list of equipment brands we know like the back of our hands:

  • Anritsu
  • JMA Wireless

  • Align-R

  • Kaelus

  • Rosenberger

  • CSS

  • Kathrien

  • Ericsson

  • CommScope

  • RFS

  • JDS Uniphas

  • RDI Guy Wire Tension Equipment

  • Dillon

  • Spectracom

  • Pendulum