We take great pride in the talents of our maintenance crew. We are consistently recognized as the best in the industry from inception to implementation, and through any maintenance that may be needed. Although the term maintenance can be a very broad representation of our abilities, we like it that way.  We are highly proficient and efficient at maintaining all aspects of the wireless telecom industry.

  • RF/Fiber/carrier maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Access road/ tower/ compound

  • Guyed tension and adjustments

  • Tower Site Maintenance & Inspection

  • Installation of Safety Climbs

  • Cable Grab Inspections Maintenance & Replacement

  • TIA Inspections

  • Plumb & Tension

  • Anchor Inspection

  • Anchor Rod Pull Testing

  • Line of Site 

  • Tower Mapping

  • Closeout Packages


Other services include

Tower Construction & Upgrades


RF l&a

boom trucks & crane capabilities

tower modification & welding

safety & training

civil & restoration services

all services