One Way’s Tower Modification & Welding crews have extensive knowledge of various industry standards and hold multiple certifications needed to complete the task at hand.    Our American Welding Society (AWS) certified welders are familiar with various types of welds needed specifically to perform modification on towers.   In addition, our crews have a strong familiarity with modification work involved with self-supporting, monopoles, guyed towers, water tanks, buildings, and all structures used to support wireless technologies such as, however not limited to: 

  • Tower & Watertank Modification

  • AWS Certified Welders in SMAW & FCAW Processes

  • "CWI / NDE (Visual  / Mag Particle / Ultra Sound)"

  • Aerial Welding

  • Fabrication / Manufacturing

  • Galvanizing

  • Blind Bolting/Next Gen2/Box Bolts

  • Plumb & Tension

  • Guy Wire Replacement

  • Anchor Rod / Micro-Pile Installation

  • Anchor Repair & Upgrades

  • Pad & Pier Foundation Upgrades

  • Tower Decoms

  • Tower Replacement and Removals “Drop & Swap”

  • Closeout Packages


Other Services Include:

Tower Construction & Upgrades

rf l&a

maintenance & inspections

Civil & Restoration Services


Boom Trucks & crane Capabilies

safety & Training

All Services